All of our badges are printed on a durable plastic stock and are then covered with a transparent topcoat to help prevent damage or wear which means this saves you money on cheaper badges that just don't hold up to long term wear.


We can put barcodes on your badges to allow you to use them for controlled access areas and buildings as well as time and attendance systems. This will save you money by using only one badge for all of your needs.


Include full color photos to personalize your company, organization, or club identification badges. Ghosted photos help prevent tampering or unauthorized duplication. Both of these features give you another security layer, which is vitally important for your employee’s safety. Not to mention help protect you from possible legal action from inappropriate use of company ID badges, which could cost a large fortune.


Many types of background graphics or smaller graphics can be incorporated into the design of your badges making them unique to you. This gives you a polished professional look regardless of the size of the company

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